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August 5, 2021 | 2 PM

(one hour in length)


6 Weeks




Over 4 months of age

On-Demand Training

On-Demand classes provide class recordings and video demonstrations that you can work through at a time that is most conducive to your schedule.

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If your dog …

Barks or jumps with guests

Barks excessively with outside noises or activity

Chases the resident cat

computer screen showing a woman dog training with a brown dog laying calmly on a red mat

Mat Work will help.

Establish calming exercises on a training mat.

Alyssa Rose will provide step by step demonstrations of how to establish these calming exercises, and how to use the training in real world training scenarios to help your dog think through stress and arousal.

Prerequisite: none

Learn Valuable Skills

Establish Relaxation Exercises

Teach your dog to be calm on cue by practicing relaxation exercises on a training mat

Calm Your Dog with Triggers

Learn how to teach your dog to be calm and attentive with triggers

Strengthen Your Bond

Build stronger trust and communication in challenging situations

Read Body Language

Become proficient at reading your dog to make sure that you are respecting their individual needs


“Since taking this class, we have been working on our mat a lot, which isn’t difficult because Penny does react a lot even with our new curtains. I’m really surprised by how much calmer and independent she has become! She used to just sit and stare at me all day as I worked on the computer but now she will go take a nap on the couch, which doesn’t sound like much but is HUGE for her. We leave her mat out all the time, and she spends so much time laying on it by herself. We usually have lunch on the patio now, with her on her mat, and she has been doing great with distractions in the distance.

A huge thing for us has been her toleration for separation. I have a camera to watch her and when we leave for a couple minutes, she lays down on her mat and waits! It takes her much longer to start barking. We are still a work in progress, but it feels really nice to have the tools I learned in this class to help teach her how to handle her triggers.”

Lauren S., Student

Your Dog’s Best Life

Alyssa’s training is simple, effective and will bring out the best in your dog.

Get Comfortable

Brown french bulldog sitting at a computer and desk with ears pointing straight up

Learn in the comfort
of your own home.

Train LIVE with Alyssa

Woman with blue jeans and a grey hoodie kneeling down next to a brown short hair dog laying on a red mat in the living room

Alyssa breaks it down into
easy to follow steps. 

Experience the Joy

Golden retriever dog walking on the sidewalk and looking at a woman with blue jeans and brown shoes holding a leash

Great training makes dogs
happy and healthy.

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