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For dogs that alert bark, chase the cat, or exhibit reactive behavior with visitors.

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For dogs that bark or lunge at other dogs, people or moving objects.

Pre-Recorded Classes

Welcome! I’m Your Instructor, Alyssa.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist

German Shepard with a red harness in a down position on the green grass next to a tree and a blonde hair woman with blue jeans and brown boots getting ready to deliver a treat

I’m Alyssa Rose, I specialize in anxious and reactive behavior with dogs. If your puppy or dog barks, lunges or struggles to relax in routine situations, this is the place to be. 

My courses are well suited for owners or trainers that want to learn more about how to effectively address behavior issues. I use a positive reinforcement based training system that gets to the root cause of problem behavior. You’ll love the process, just as much as the results.

Step by Step Instructions

Alyssa’s LIVE Online Classes will provide 1-2 simple exercises in each class. You will learn the “why” of everything you do, and how it will lead to lasting, real world results.

The Best Gift for Your Dog

When you see how happy your dog is to train, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. This training is designed to enrich your dog mentally, emotionally and physically. Nothing else compares.

A Better Understanding

This process will help you and your dog develop a harmonious relationship, and give you the ability to see the world from your dog’s point of view.

Proven Results

When you learn how to break challenges down into smaller building blocks, the results will begin to snowball.


Train LIVE with Alyssa Rose to ask questions, receive feedback and troubleshoot exercises your dog may be struggling with.

A Community

It’s easy to believe that everyone else is enjoying a trouble free relationship with their dog. It’s not true. Join our community to meet other people who are dealing with similar struggles but are committed to helping their dog live their best life.

Training Video Resources

Check out my YouTube channel to get more insight into behavioral training for anxious and reactive behavior.

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My Mission

“To Help Dogs Live Their Best Life.”

-Alyssa Rose

MAC computer with a golden retriever dog on the screen going for a walk on harness and leash with a woman with blue jeans on walking on the sidewalk


what great training is all about.


with like minded dog people.


others to train by letting your dog model calm, engaged behavior. 

Bring out the happiest and healthiest in your dog, enroll in classes today.

Your dog will thank you for it.

Case Study Results

Take a look at the Case Study page for more insight into how and why the training that I practice, and teach to others, is so effective.

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