LIVE Online Classes

Online Group Training Led by Alyssa Rose

These Online Classes are well suited to dogs and/or owners that have no training history. The classes will also serve those individuals that have extensive training backgrounds, and are looking for a more structured system of meeting their dog’s behavioral needs.

Length: 6 weeks
Price: $180

This LIVE online class is for dogs that alert bark, chase the cat, or exhibit reactive behavior with visitors.

Black and brown belgian malinois dog with ears pointing up to the sky and very alert wile woman holds a brown dog leash attached
Length: 6 weeks
Price: $180

This LIVE online class is for dogs that bark or lunge at other dogs, people or moving objects.

Combination of LIVE online class + private zoom sessions: 1 hour private zoom session, $135

Scheduling for private zoom sessions is based on availability, spaces are limited. Sessions can be scheduled Monday – Friday 10 – 4pm

Pre-Recorded Classes

Online Classes to Learn at Your Own Pace

Cute yellow colored puppy with green harness on green and white artificial turf
Length: 6 weeks
Price: $170

Puppy Class will show you how to raise a calm, well adjusted puppy.

Woman with diamond ring on holding a brown leash attached to a belgian malinois dog with an orange harness and collar
Length: 2 weeks
Price $20

Leash Skills teaches you leash mechanics, while your dog learns to “check-in” with distractions.

White dog with a Superman collar laying on a red mat in the backyard on green and white artificial turf
Length: 3 weeks
Price: $50

Mat Work develops focus, connection and builds value for calm behavior.

Woman with black pants and blue shirt and boots standing next to a brown dow in heel position and holding a black leash
Length: 3 weeks
Price: $50

Heel Work transfers focus, connection and calm behavior to leash walks.

Foundation Training

Builds communication, trust, and value for desirable behavior. Once established, these skill sets become a vehicle that will allow you to move your dog through challenging behaviors including; pulling on leash, barking, jumping on you, jumping on guests, play biting. These foundation skills also become important tools in behavioral training. 

Behavioral Training

Also called “behavior modification,” focuses on treatment of fear, hyper-activity, anxiety and/or aggression. Behavioral training focuses on minimizing stress, improving communication and developing healthy coping mechanisms. Foundation training works in combination with behavioral training as it becomes a platform for communication and trust.

Case Study Results

Take a look at the Case Study page for more insight into how and why the training that I practice, and teach to others, is so effective.

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