Behavior Consultation

1.5-2 hour consult: $150

Discusses behavior patterns.

Establishes training goals and expectations.

Outlines a training plan.

1.5 – 2 hours in length (2 hours when discussing separation anxiety or aggressive behavior).

Conducted by video call or in person at my training space (located in Ramona, CA). Cost is the same.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information about consultation.

Behavior Training Sessions

5, one hour sessions: $575

Discusses key concepts in teaching a new behavior or modifying a concerning behavior.

Teaches you how to read your dog’s behavior and body language, in order to optimize learning.

Identifies stress, frustration, over-arousal or other factors that might inhibit your dog’s ability to learn or behave in a desirable manner.

Improves the emotional, mental and behavioral well-being of your dog.

Looks at how to set your dog up to succeed in his/her training environment.

Trains your dog to focus attentively on you in the presence of distractions.​

Meet one time per week.

Conducted by video call or in person at my training space (located in Ramona, CA). Cost is the same.

Book consultation to get started.

Online Training Course

6 weeks: $180

Any dog, any breed will benefit from this course but will offer greatest benefit to dogs that are reactive and bark and lunge in response to people, dogs, moving objects or sounds on walks or in house.

This is a six week course. Each week you will receive 1-2 training exercises to practice during the week.

Weekly videos with Alyssa Rose that will explain why each exercise will set the stage for long term success in real world situations. These can be viewed live or as a recording.

You will be able to ask questions and submit videos to receive direct feedback from Alyssa Rose.

You will have lifetime access to a closed Facebook group that will provide support and answer questions, months or years after you have finished the course.

Our insider community will help you receive and offer support with other people around the world that are dealing with similar struggles. Connecting with others will help keep you motivated.

Best suited for dogs 9 months or older.

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