Cute yellow colored puppy with green harness on green and white artificial turf

Sit with Puppy

This video demonstrates me using a verbal cue and hand signal for the “sit” position with a puppy. If a puppy is not consistently responding to a “sit” verbal cue and/or hand signal you will want to follow the cue with a prompt. The prompt could be holding an imaginary piece of food 4-5 inches above the puppy’s nose. The cue and the prompt should be sequenced – cue first, prompt second – and should happen within one second of each other. If you practice this cue/prompt pairing consistently for one week you should find that you are able to fade out the prompt by the end of the week.

Note: If your puppy defaults to a sit on the mat, without receiving a cue, that is a great problem to have! Make sure you reinforce your puppy with food for a duration of 5-15 seconds. If you want the opportunity to practice the cue you can try bringing your puppy to another soft surface like a carpet or rug. Avoid practicing sits on surfaces that provide little traction, and/or that might be uncomfortable for your puppy.

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