Cute yellow colored puppy with green harness on green and white artificial turf

Down with Puppy

This video demonstrates me using a verbal cue and hand signal for the “down” position with a puppy. If a puppy is not consistently responding to a “down” verbal cue and/or hand signal you will want to follow the cue with a prompt. The prompt could be bending your torso, and lowering your hand to the ground. The cue and the prompt should be sequenced – cue first, prompt second – and should happen within one second of each other. This means that you should be standing straight when you give the cue. If you practice this cue/prompt pairing consistently for one week you should find that you are able to fade out the prompt by the end of the week.

If you cue and prompt at the same time (for example, if you say “down” as you bend over) you will always have to prompt (bend over) in order to get your dog to respond to the cue. 

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