Cute yellow colored puppy with green harness on green and white artificial turf

Distance Overview

This week we are going to focus on the third “D” – Distance. We are going to be teaching your dog to hold a prompted behavior, like stand, sit or down on the mat, even if you step away. The end of the behavior will be signaled with their release cue, “all done.” This will yield greater focus, greater impulse control, and make your training even more functional. A lot of times when people try to add distance to their training they do so by getting their dog to sit or lie down, then … they say “stay” and slowly back away. Most dogs in this scenario are left scratching their heads, sometimes they hold position, other times they follow after their owner because the criteria is unclear. In order to get consistent results, that can be replicated in more challenging training scenarios we are going to discuss how to break criteria down. It’s important that you are still training in a low stress environment with minimal distractions. A living room is ideal.

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