Cute yellow colored puppy with green harness on green and white artificial turf
14 students

Puppy Preschool is designed to meet the training needs of pups under 9 months of age. Weekly training exercises will build off of one and other to teach your puppy how to focus, engage and settle on cue. It will also teach you how to promote healthy play that will help to build a stronger connection and improve your puppy’s ability to regulate impulses when excited. Other topics include: 

  • House-training.
  • Off-leash socialization (identifying appropriate play)
  • Basic skills, including stand, sit, down, go to place, come when called.
  • Leash walking.
  • Drop it.


  • Dog Ages: 9 months or under
  • Price: $150
  • Schedule: 6 weeks of training, 5-10 minute training exercises recommended per day


Alyssa Rose, CPDT-KA is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior specialist. In 2009 she created Legends Dog Training in order to help people create and implement training plans for dogs that exhibited fearful, anxious, hyperactive or aggressive behavior. Alyssa uses a specialized approach to behavior modification that focuses on establishing a base which can be systematically built upon with real world challenges. Eleven years later, she is now offering an online course for behavior modification that allows people to get to the root cause of their dog's behavioral challenges.

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