White terrier mix dog standing in a green field with a red collar on

Go to Place, Verbal Cue

Now we are going to teach our dog to “go to place” with a verbal cue. Hold food in left hand, keep your right hand empty. Holding the leash in your left hand you are going to guide your dog so that they are in the 4 o’clock or 8 o’clock position, approximately 4-5 feet from the mat. Now give your dog the verbal cue “go to place” and then prompt your dog to follow through on the cue by stepping to the front of your training mat. The moment that your dog puts two paws on the mat you are going to mark “good” and then reinforce once they have swung their body into position on the mat. They can be standing or sitting, either behavior qualifies for reinforcement, just so long as they are relatively “straight” on the mat, and are facing in your direction. Reinforce for the duration of the behavior, at 1-2 second intervals of time, for approximately 10 seconds before giving your dog a release cue, followed by a one minute break. Do 2 or 3 sets before moving on to training a verbal cue for “down.”

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