White terrier mix dog standing in a green field with a red collar on

Duration in Sit

This video demonstrates Set #3: Sit with Duration

Note: If your dog defaults to a sit in Set #1, this will be your second set in the sit, that’s ok!

This time we’re going to teach your dog to target the mat and then move into a sitting position. You should begin by holding the leash in your left hand with just a few inches of slack, and a couple of sticks of food. Hold a pea sized lure in your right hand. You will lure your dog to place on the mat. Mark “good” and reinforce. 

Give your dog two or three rewards in a standing position before moving your hand 2 or 3 inches above their nose in order to get your dog to drop into a sitting position. 

Once your dog is in a sitting position use a high rate of reinforcement for approximately 10 – 15 seconds. Now deliver the final reward and immediately issue the release cue, “all done.” Give your dog a single reward for coming off the mat followed by a one minute, timed break. When using the release cue, be sure to give the cue first, followed within one second by a prompt. Say “all done” first and then drop your shoulder to encourage your dog to move off of the training mat. Give your dog a 60 second break before moving on to Set #4: Down with duration.

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