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Duration in Down, Homework Overview

This video demonstrates Set #4: Down with Duration.

This is the fourth and final set. This will be repetition of set #2. Let’s review: Hold the leash in your left hand with just a few inches of slack, along with a couple of sticks of food. Hold a pea sized lure in your right hand. Lure your dog to place on the mat. Mark “good” and reinforce for placing on the mat. Give your dog two or three rewards in a standing position. Kneel in front of your dog and then move your hand from their nose, down to their toes. Once your dog moves into a down position you are going to use a high rate of reinforcement for approximately 10 – 15 seconds. Deliver the final reward and immediately issue the release cue, “all done.” Give your dog a single reward for coming off the mat followed by a one minute, timed break. Be sure to give the cue “all done” first, and the prompt second. Pay attention to this sequence, it’s important. If you stand, and then release your dog – then standing will become the release cue. 

After you finish the fourth and final set you can roll up the mat. In the first three weeks you will keep the mat rolled away in-between training sessions. 

Do these exercises once or twice a day for one week. A single training session with the mat will consist of four sets, with 60 second breaks in between. This means each session should be approximately eight minutes in length. First set will be in a stand, second set down, third set sit, fourth set down. 

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