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After completion of this course, continue with Mat Work.


This introduction to Mat Work will take place over the course of five weeks. We will establish patterned exercises that incorporates the three D’s of training: duration, distraction and distance. One week will be dedicated to each of these three elements. Training your dog to proficiency with these patterned exercises will be critical in helping your dog learn to better regulate stress and arousal. You will essentially be putting relaxation on cue. These exercises will be introduced on a training mat in a low stress, low distraction environment, but they can ultimately be generalized to any environment and any context.


  • Learn key concepts in teaching your dog a new behavior or modifying an undesirable one.
  • Learn the importance of establishing training in low level distraction environments (ie. your living) and progressively building to high level distraction environments (ie. the park).
  • Learn how to develop a stronger relationship by respecting and fulfilling your dog’s individual mental and physical needs.
  • Learn how to assess your dog’s drive and temperament so that you can expertly customize your dog’s training sessions.
  • Learn how to read your dog’s body language in order to identify stress, frustration, over-arousal or other factors that might inhibit your dog’s ability to learn or behave in a desirable manner.
  • Learn how to improve the emotional and behavioral well-being of your dog.



Alyssa Rose, CPDT-KA is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior specialist. In 2009 she created Legends Dog Training in order to help people create and implement training plans for dogs that exhibited fearful, anxious, hyperactive or aggressive behavior. Alyssa uses a specialized approach to behavior modification that focuses on establishing a base which can be systematically built upon with real world challenges. Eleven years later, she is now offering an online course for behavior modification that allows people to get to the root cause of their dog's behavioral challenges.

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