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Mat Work


Leash Skills


This module builds off of training established in the mat work module. It will establish patterned exercises with the three D’s of training: duration, distraction and distance. Training your dog to proficiency with these patterned exercises will be critical in helping your dog learn to regulate excitement and/or stress on walks. The result is loose leash walking, and calm, attentive behavior around distractions. These exercises will be introduced in your front or back yard or in a quiet space near your home. Ultimately they can be practiced in and generalized to any environment. For example, an elevator, the vet’s office, or in your home when a training mat is not accessible. For best results do all 3 weeks in your yard, and then repeat the training and generalize to new environments.


  • Heel Work training can be used to calm nervous, hyper-excited or reactive dogs; on walks, in the vet’s office, at the park, on hiking trails. They can also be practiced in your home when a training mat is not available. 
  • Learn key concepts in teaching your dog a new behavior or modifying an undesirable behavior.
  • Learn the importance of establishing training in lower level distraction environments, like your yard, and progressively building to more distracting environments.
  • Develop a stronger relationship with your dog by respecting and fulfilling their need to connect and problem solve.
  • Learn how to read your dog’s body language in order to identify stress, frustration, over-arousal or other factors that might inhibit your dog’s ability to learn or behave in a desirable manner.
  • Improve the emotional and behavioral well-being of your dog by focusing on behaviors you do want to see, instead of trying to suppress the behaviors you don’t want to see.



Alyssa Rose, CPDT-KA is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior specialist. In 2009 she created Legends Dog Training in order to help people create and implement training plans for dogs that exhibited fearful, anxious, hyperactive or aggressive behavior. Alyssa uses a specialized approach to behavior modification that focuses on establishing a base which can be systematically built upon with real world challenges. Eleven years later, she is now offering an online course for behavior modification that allows people to get to the root cause of their dog's behavioral challenges.


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