How to Cut and Store Food

The quantity of food used, and the manner in which food is cut and stored, will affect the quality of your training. The first thing you will do is cut  two to four discs from the food roll. You will cut each of these discs into thin strips. We will be training in sets, in each set you will use 1-2 of these strips and break off pieces as you go. If you make these cuts too thick it will be difficult to break pieces off as you’re training. If the strips are cut too thin they will break and crumble in your training pouch.

In one day of training I recommend using 1-2 discs for smaller dogs under 20 lbs. and 2-4 discs for dogs 20 lbs. and up. Avoid the temptation to cut the food into small cubes. This generally makes it harder to keep track of how much food has been provided during each training “set.” It also usually results in more food tumbling to the ground accidentally, which will create unwanted distractions in training.

It’s important that you are using freshly cut food each day. For this reason, only cut as much food as you will use in one day of training.

Seal the open food roll with a plastic bag and a rubber band and store it in the refrigerator. Once everything is prepared and the food roll is stored, place the food strips in your pouch. You are now ready to begin training, let’s get to it!

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