8 students


Must be over 4 months of age.


Once you complete this class, you can always hit the “refresh” button, and join again. This will give you the opportunity to “layer” your training by strengthening previously learned skill sets, expand on your dog’s skill sets (ie. Heel Work or Recall) or by re-focusing on a new behavioral challenge (ie. wildlife or sound sensitivity). Learning is a lifelong process, and plays a critical role in your dog’s emotional and behavioral well-being. Keep training!


Meet once each week with Alyssa Rose in her virtual classroom for basic manners! Alyssa will guide you through basic training exercises. You will learn about 

  • Calming exercises that will teach your dog to stand, sit and lie down on cue.
  • How to engage your dog to promote loose leash walking and to “come” when called.
  • Training games that will help to redirect playful energy (like jumping and biting).
  • Problem solving for challenging behaviors.


  • Learn about how to create a healthy routine with your dog, one that will optimize their emotional and behavioral health. 
  • Learn how patterns in training can accelerate training, and help dogs work through problematic behavior.
  • Catch the “training bug” and dive deep into the world of training to help your dog live their best life! 


Alyssa Rose, CPDT-KA is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior specialist. In 2009 she created Legends Dog Training in order to help people create and implement training plans for dogs that exhibited fearful, anxious, hyperactive or aggressive behavior. Alyssa uses a specialized approach to behavior modification that focuses on establishing a base which can be systematically built upon with real world challenges. Eleven years later, she is now offering an online course for behavior modification that allows people to get to the root cause of their dog's behavioral challenges.


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