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September 22, 2020 | 4 – 5 PM


6 Weeks






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Does your dog exhibit excitable behavior on leash? Do they bark or lunge at people, dogs, or moving objects? 
If so, meet once each week with Alyssa Rose in her virtual classroom for reactive dogs. Alyssa will guide you through patterned foundation training exercises. These exercises will help your dog learn to regulate stress and excitement. It will help strengthen impulse control, improve focus, and minimize reactivity.

Course Topics

Practice exercises that promote focused, engaged behavior

Teach your dog to check-in with distractions

Build a stronger connection through play

Use toys in training to teach dogs how to regulate arousal levels

Learn how to create a calm connection on walks to promote loose leash walking and calm behavior with triggers (dogs, people, moving objects)

Learn about dog body language and why reading body language will help you optimize your training

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Alyssa’s Recommendations

Learning is a lifelong process, and plays a critical role in your dog’s emotional and behavioral well-being. Keep training!  You can join my Calm Connections or Positive Progressions class. There is some overlap between these classes, but you can use this as an opportunity to layer your training with a new goal. For example, by generalizing with a new trigger, or within a new environment. 

Expect to …

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Develop stronger trust and communication with your dog.

Learn how to deconstruct triggers to effectively work through problem behaviors.

Establish a healthy routine with your dog that will optimize your dog’s emotional and behavioral health.

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Learn how patterns in training can be used to alleviate or better regulate stress.

Learn how to read your dog’s body language in order to identify stress, frustration, over-arousal or other factors that might inhibit your dog’s ability to learn or behave in a desirable manner.

Catch the “training bug” and dive deep into the world of behavior modification to help your reactive dog live their best life!

Your Dog’s Best Life

Alyssa’s training is simple, effective and will bring out the best in your dog.

Get Comfortable
at Your Computer

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Learn in the comfort
of your own home.

Train LIVE with Alyssa Rose

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Alyssa breaks it down into
easy to follow steps. 

Experience the Joy of Training

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Great training makes dogs
happy and healthy.

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September 22, 2020 | 4 – 5 PM


6 Weeks





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