Food at Work in Shaping Behavior in Animals

Food Shapes Behavior

The acquisition of food shapes behavior. Birds, foxes, ants, and bears – all animals – learn and practice behaviors that result in the acquisition of viable food. Their ability to forage, track, chase and hunt are all behaviors that are fine tuned on a daily basis.

Regulating Emotional Responses

Not only does the acquisition of food shape behavior, but it also regulates emotional responses, strengthens bonds for those species that live within social constructs and enhances problem solving skills. In essence it is what makes them mentally and physically fit to survive in the world in which they live.

The Dog Bowl

Taking all this into account, it’s easy to see why feeding dogs in a dog bowl leaves a lot of empty space in a dog’s routine. The mental and physical energy that would normally be utilized by the dog’s brain and body can otherwise fuel the most common behavioral issues like reactive, anxious or aggressive behavior.

Using Food for Training and Enrichment

This should be an everyday occurrence. It can be used to promote calm behavior in your home, to provide mental workouts, to strengthen social and emotional skill sets and it can help your dog thrive. 

Being a dog in our busy, modern world isn’t always easy. Training is the best way to offer guidance and bridge the divide.

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