What is the Base Training Method?

You might be asking yourself, what is the “Base Training Method”? I have formulated this method of training over the last 10 years and using this I have been able to get incredible results with highly challenging cases. This method can be applied to any dog, young or old, to help customize training to their individual needs. Let me tell you a little about it.

Base training is a method of training that uses patterns to put relaxation on cue. Behavioral challenges are then systematically plugged into this pattern. This method allows you to test your training and adjust conditions to the unique needs of your dog. Training is broken down into simple, easy to understand steps. Successful application of this method will accelerate behavior modification, as well as, the acquisition of concrete skills.

There are four primary skill sets, and each skill set is broken down into its own module.

Module 1 is Mat work and is the prerequisite to the Base Training Method

Module 2 is Heel work,

Module 3 is Send Aways

Module 4 is Recall.

Join me in unleashing your dog’s potential.

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