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If you plan to move forward with a training package, best results will be achieved by building training momentum through weekly sessions. If scheduling permits, its ideal to begin training the week following the consultation.

Recommendations made during consultation cannot replace the benefit of formal weekly sessions.The consultation allows client and trainer to discuss dog’s general behavior patterns, environment, daily routine, training goals and to outline a management and training plan.

If your dog has a bite history with people provide the following information by email detailing up to 3 bites incidents. Information should include approximate date of bite, name of person that was bitten and relationship to dog (ie. do they see dog on daily, weekly, monthly basis), environment (ie. by front door, on couch in living room), context (ie. person say hello, grabbing collar.. ) severity of bite (ie. no mark, shallow puncture, deep puncture, multiple bite wounds), any other variables that might have influenced this situation (le. dog was sick, construction in or near house, family member visiting).

It is important that the person that fills out the assessment form is the same person that meets for the consult and conducts the weekly sessions. In every household there should be a single person that is committed to being the “primary trainer.” Multiple family members can attend consultation and training sessions but there should be one person that attends every appointment to ensure consistency in training, and make sure that information doesn’t fall through the cracks.

For families with children under the age of 10 years of age: The consultation is designed to cover a lot of information in a relatively short period of time; dog’s behavioral history, training goals, and training plan. While I try to cover all necessary information in 1.5 hours, it’s very common for consults to run over that allotted time. I highly recommend scheduling the consultation at a time that kids are at school or are otherwise supervised.

A $100 deposit will be taken to secure time slot, deposit is non-refundable.

Encourage clients to browse through Legends Dog Training’s YouTube channel and training blog prior to meeting for the consultation. These videos and articles showcase the training methodology and/or results achieved through Legends’ training programs. Stay up to date on new videos and blogs by following Legends Dog Training on Facebook. Let me know if you decide to follow and subscribe, it’s very much appreciated.

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